St. George's Dressage Academy

Bit & Bridle Fitting Clinic with Kim Gentry -  To Be Determined

Bits N’ Such Bit Consultation and Trial clinics provide a totally unique opportunity to try a wide variety of bits! Kim is an  accomplished international Grand Prix rider and trainer and works with all levels of horses and riders in her Bit Consultation Clinics. Her experience as a rider, trainer and USDF L Judge training graduate brings a unique set of skills to the bit fitting and trial process.

Please come join us for this great educational opportunity! If you would like to schedule a fitting contact Bridget Bursey at for more information. Otherwise feel free to come audit. Auditing fees: $30 per day, or $50 for the weekend. (Please let Bridget know if you would like to come so we can plan ahead!) To schedule a fitting contact Bridget at: This clinic is co-sponsored by CSDEA.